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Open Skate



Due to COVID-19, there a few new rules and regulations for Open Skate. Please read the below information carefully.

  • MAX CAPACITY OF 50 GUESTS - Adjusted to follow CDC guidelines, we are only allowing 50 guests max inside the ice rink. If you are not an active skating participant, you will be asked to sit in the stands or go into MacKenzie River. This will help ensure our main lobby provides social distance for all incoming and outgoing guests. 
  • NO SKATE RENTALS AVAILABLE - At this time, there will be no skate rentals available. In order to participate in Open Skate, you must bring your own skates.
  • YOU MUST SIGN UP BEFOREHAND TO PARTICIPATE - Please click the link reading "Sign Up for Open Skate Here" below to create an account and pre-pay for Open Skate. You will need to do the following.
  1. Create an account - there will be a button near the top of the page to create your account. 
  2. Once the account is created, you will click the drop down menu in the middle of the page to select what you would like to register for. If it is Open Skate, click that.
  3. Once you click Open Skate, you will see the days and times available below.  Check the box to the corresponding date and time you would like to register for. This is where you can add any family members by pressing "Add Participants" at the top of the page.
  4. Once the boxes are checked, click "View Cart" to check out and follow the steps to finish the process.
  • THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ONCE SIGNED UP - If you sign up online, there will be no refunds issued. If you do not show up for the day and time you registered for, a refund or reissue will not be provided. 
  • MAKE SURE YOUR PURCHASE WAS ACCEPTED - When purchasing online, you will have to wait until the system accepts the purchase. You can check the status of your purchase by logging back into your account and pressing "My Orders" at the top of the page. The status will either say "Accepted" in green, or "Declined" in red. If your order was declined, it will most likely be because the skate is already full. 

Please contact the front desk  at (702) 902-4904 for any questions or concerns. We appreciate you and your patience during this time. Go Knights!


When opening up the Calendar, you will see the names "Star Nursery Rink B" and "Summerlin Hospital Rink A".  Star Nursery and Summerlin Hospital Sponsor our rinks, meaning that is the name of each rink. 

When you see "Star Nursery Rink B" with a corresponding time underneath, that means that we have public skate during that time on that rink. That does not mean Star Nursery has it rented out. The same goes for Summerlin Hospital Rink A. 

EXAMPLE:                         Star Nursery Rink B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      11:00AM-12:40PM

This means we have public skate on Rink B from 11:00AM-12:40PM. Please call the front desk at (702) 902-4904 for any questions. 



OPEN skate pricing

  • All guests, regardless of age                                     $10.00

  • Military  (must show valid ID)                                     $7.00

  *Any Skate Rental needed is $3.00 on top of those prices


*Packaged prices include your skate rental


  • All guests, regardless of age- $90.00
  • Military (with valid ID) - $70.00

Annual Pass

  • All guests, regardless of age- $375.00
  • Military (with valid ID)- $250.00



Dress appropriately! The rink is cold, a heavy coat or jacket is encouraged. Helmets are recommended for all skaters; any certified safety helmet qualifies. We do offer helmets to rent with an ID at the Skate Rental counter. Gloves are STRONGLY encouraged for all skaters. Not only will gloves keep your hands warm, but they can also provide a level of protection for your skin if you fall on the ice.  Long pants and one pair of socks that come above the ankle are also encouraged. 

*The rink does not supply socks.


  1. Skate at your own risk.
  2. Patrons must wear skates when on ICE.
  3. In the event of an injury notify a skate guard or rink personnel.
  4. No double jumps or spins. Figure skater practicing jumps, spins, turns, must so do in the center of the ice. Outside lanes are coned off and are for general skating. Figure skaters who have passed the Preliminary Freestyle test must practice on Freestyle sessions, regardless if what they are practicing.
  5. Roughness, excessive speeding or weaving through skaters that could endanger or interferes with other skaters is prohibited, including tag and other games are also prohibited.
  6. Skaters are NOT to carry children or secondary items such as cameras, handbags, etc. while skating.
  7. For skaters protection, NO headphones allowed.
  8. Hockey sticks and pucks are not allowed during public skate.
  9. Throwing snowballs or any object is prohibited.
  10. No eating or drinking on the ice surface or while skating on the ice.
  11. Patrons are not permitted to bring any glass articles on or to be placed around the ice.
  12. Upon the horn being blown, please leave the ice promptly and in a safe manner.