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Welcome Back Letter

Everyone at City National Arena is anxiously anticipating welcoming back our Adult League teams.  We are planning to resume the season from where paused in mid-March. Updated schedules appear on our league website, with a return to play beginning Monday, June 15 through Monday, July 6th. 

We will reopen and resume Adult League games using all the parameters and recommendations set forth by the State of Nevada, the CDC and USA Hockey and our staff. These include:

  • To ensure a break between every game to accommodate locker room sanitization after each use: 
    • all players arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before game time
    • all players exit the rink area once out of their hockey gear and back into their street clothes after the game 
    • Locker room showers are currently not in use (full access to bathroom and sink intact) 

We understand that friends and family will want to come and watch, but at this time, we ask for players only to enter the rink area for all Adult games. Direct all friends and family to watch from MacKenzie River restaurant only. Viewing from the stands is off limits until further notice. We hope everyone understands that this is still a fluid situation and we remain committed to consistent scheduling at City National Arena, but unforeseen events might require schedule changes.  If that happens, we will update the website and inform all Captains as soon as possible and as we move through this reopening process, we will update our schedule for July and beyond. 

There are a few other format changes to the season restart as follows.:

  • Sixty-minute time slot using three 17-minute run time periods
  • All teams make the playoffs, with the top four competing for the Championship
  • The remaining teams will play consolation games
  • After the completion of the Championships, all teams will play two games against teams in other divisions
  • You can find a complete breakdown of our updated game format on our league website 

We hope these added opportunities show our appreciation for your support during this time, as well as adding some excitement to our league.  Thank you. Welcome back!

Yours in hockey

The City National Ice Arena staff

Updated Game Format



As we restart our league, we will be making a few changes to the format of how the games will be played.  We will be adjusting our games to be completely run time.  This will ensure we are always running on time and enable us the proper time to do the necessary cleaning between all our events.  We have built in buffer time between all events and we need that time and our players cooperation in leaving locker room as soon as they are undressed to let our staff complete the cleaning process while giving our next group enough time to dress for their event.  Below is the new format for the remainder of the season. 

  • All games will be played during a 60-minute time slot
  • Games will have a 2-minute up, this warmup will start as soon as Zamboni doors are closed
  • Warmup will be followed by a 1-minute break
  • All three periods will be 17-minute run time
  • We have 1-minute breaks in between periods
  • Our off-ice officials will ensure the games continue to run with the above format
    • They will immediately move through the above game format without taking additional breaks
    • Players and officials will need to be ready at the start of the periods as the clock will begin to run immediately after the 1-minute break time
  • Regular season games will end in a tie
  • All consolation games and extra out of division games will end in a tie
  • If playoff games are tied at end of regulation
    • We will play a 5-minute run time 3v3 period, teams will switch ends
    • If still tied after OT period, we go to 3-player shoot out
  • If Championship games are tied after regulation
    • We will play 18-minute run time periods until a goal is scored
    • OT will be played 3v3


Thank you as always for your understanding and support