Skate Sharpening & Skate Care

Skates need to be sharp even if the skater is young. Most often children's skates require sharpening every 2 months depending on how much they skate.
All skates should be sharpened to a grind radius of 5⁄8 inch (15 mm) or less.
Some people think that a child needs a flatter grind often 1 inch (25 mm). This is generally not true and usually a child with a flatter grind will slide noticeably. This is only a recommendation and can be adjusted if experience has proven differently.
Between skating sessions, skate blades must be kept dry and free from damage. Don't store them on concrete or steel surfaces that can dull the blades. Blades will rust and corrode as any other steel product does. If rust and corrosion are present, sharpen the skates before the next use.
Do not allow skaters to walk on concrete or other hard surfaces with an unprotected skate blade. Use a good pair of "skate guards" if you need to walk anywhere other than the rubber mats inside of arenas. If you do walk on any hard surface the skates will need to be sharpened right away.
You can check out the Pro Shop  at City National Arena for skate sharpening service!