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Freestyle Sessions

Welcome to city national arena!

Home of the Vegas Golden Knights Center of Excellence 

Freestyle sessions are offered daily and designed for skaters of all ages and abilities working on individual skills, advanced skating skills, choreography, jump, spin techniques and freestyle pairs/ice dance teams. 

Skaters advancing out of learn to skate and in the Golden Edge Program, must be accompanied by a coach. 

Skaters that can do a toe loop jump can attend a freestyle session. 

Individuals with a private power skating lesson on freestyle sessions must be accompanied by a power skating coach.

Power skating on OPEN sessions only. 

You can check out the schedule on the home page or contact the front desk. 


The Skating Club at City National Arena.



  • 60  MINUTE FREESTYLE - $12.00 per session Drop In
  • 60 MINUTE PUNCH CARD: $100.00 (10 Passes)
  • 45  MINUTE FREESTYLE -  $9.00 per session
  • 45 MINUTE PUNCH CARD: $80.00 (10 Passes)

Skaters will need to check in at the administration desk as they enter City National Arena. Skaters not checked in will be asked to leave the ice. 


  • Must complete guest coaching policy form one week prior to coaching. You can request a form at the front desk or email the Director of Skating. 
  • Drop off your form to front desk or Email to:


- Skaters accompanied by a coach.

- Toe Loop Jump or higher. 

- All skaters and coaches must follow the ice etiquette guidelines. 


  • Prices and schedule subject to change. 
  • Please check current postings for changes or cancellations at
  • Public sessions available daily and posted on the DAILY SCHEDULE.


We are excited to have you train at the Vegas Golden Knights Center of Excellence & City National Arena. To achieve any level in any sport, there is a degree of discipline that an individual and team must apply. A motivating and positive atmosphere is important for athletes and coaches to develop success. As we work together to accomplish these goals, we ask that you abide by the following rules:

- Maximum of 25 skaters on the ice during a freestyle session. (First come first serve)

- Food and/or drink are not permitted on the ice (exception - plastic water bottles)

- All skaters are required to check in with the administration desk before they step on the ice for each session. Skaters who aren’t signed in will be asked to leave the ice.

- Private & semi private lessons are not included in the ice fee packages. They are invoiced directly to the parent from the coach.

- Skaters that need to leave the ice for any reason during a freestyle session must get permission from a coach. Skaters leaving the ice without permission will not be able to get back on until their next skating session.

- Skaters must bring with them to the boards water bottles, extra gloves, music, ect.

- Skaters standing around and not working may be asked to leave the ice.

- Parents are welcome to watch from the lobby and bleachers areas. Parents are not allowed on the players bench side of the rink.

- Any parent observed instructing a skater (including gestures from the bleachers) will result in the removal of the parent and the skater from the rink. There will be no refund or credit for unused sessions or classes.

- Kicking the ice or boards, shouting, foul or abusive language or arguing with other skaters or coaches will not be tolerated.

- Skaters must leave the ice promptly at the end of the session.

- Show up to the rink early enough to be properly warmed up for your ice session. Rushing in at the last second and jumping right on the ice and into a lesson without warming up and stretching properly is an open invitation to injury.

- You are asking a lot of your body so you must help it out by giving it the proper nutrition. Give yourself enough time to eat before your training sessions.

- Arrive at City National Arena with a positive attitude. Be courteous to your fellow skaters, coaches and rink staff. Skating is very difficult and at times a frustrating sport to learn, but that is no excuse for a poor attitude. Negative thinking can become one of the biggest obstacles in reaching your goal. A positive approach will you progress in the sport.

- Please take pride in wearing proper skating attire such as club jackets, skating pants, sweaters, gloves and tights on the ice. DO NOT WEAR BAGGY SWEATSHIRTS OR SWEAT PANTS. Please wear proper off ice attire as well. Feel good, look good, play good.

- Conduct yourself as a lady or gentleman always - both on and off the ice.

The right is reserved by the Director of Skating to designate if skaters are at the level to skate on any of the freestyle sessions.



Skaters practicing their program to music must wear the sashes provided by the music box. A skater or team whose program is being played and is wearing the sash has the right of way. Always yield to the skater wearing the sash and performing their program. The skater(s) wearing the sash need to be aware of others on the ice including coaches.

- Respect the music booth line up. NO changing order.

- Put music in line when you are ready to skate your program. No restarts or rewinds.

- To do your program a 2nd time, you must wait until everyone has gone 1 time.

- Skaters must wear arm band when skating their program to music.

- Coaches in a lesson can bump the line only once.

Chad Goodwin

Chad Goodwin

Director of Skating

Phone: 702-409-5947